marina stanimirovic_web

I do sculptor and create spaces,

They are sometimes wearable.

I like to stop the time with my analog film camera,

And also play with it by doing music and sound.

Exploring tangible and intangible spaces thought the mediums of sculpture, wearable objects, photography and sound, my work initiates conversations between heterogeneous materials, volumes and shapes. My interest is located not in the isolated, individual entities as such, but in their relationships and interactions. The making process being in total correlation with my concepts, the right choice of materials and techniques used became my approach to explore the notions of relationships, bodies, movement and Heritage.

My background in dance, music and wearable object gave me a particular way to approach sculpture. I believe that when a sculpture takes the Human scale, we begin to experience it as a group of forms that relates to our own body. Beyond the idea of spaces, I see my pieces as projections of bodies, which movements and shapes are an attempt to understand, comprehend and translate the world as I see it.